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Henamich Company

HENAMICH INTEGRATED COMPANY LIMITED (HICL) is a top notch roofing products company that produces Stone-Tiles & Aluminium Long Span Sheets. It was established over Twenty-Five (25) years ago and has been incorporated with the Registration Number 1271359. HENAMICH is recognized by the STANDARD ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIA (SON) as suppliers of up to standard Aluminium roofing sheets and Stone-Tiles

HENAMICH - Brand you can trust.

Due to our years in service, our standard equipments and machinery, our cummulativee clientele and our qualified and well-trained staffs, we have increased our experience by providing different solutions to the problems of many engineers and and clients so we have a very good reputation preceeding us. We render our services with trust.

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Why choose HENAMICH


All our products are standard quality products and hence, they stand the test of time.


We pride ourselves in the trust our customers and clients have for us as we are transparent in our dealings

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True words from our customers

Over the span of 25 years that we have been in service, we have satisfied the needs of several clients and customers, below are a few of their testimonies.

Eng. Oyeniran

Henamich supplies the best aluminium long span roofing sheets ever. Easy to install.

Eng. Francis

Thank you for making roofing easy for me, Henamich is your best plug for roofing.

Mr. Andrew

All my roofing materials are got from Henamich, they have the best products.